Avera, Greed Incarnate

2022.01.28 18:52 barblebapkins Avera, Greed Incarnate

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2022.01.28 18:52 FALLOUT76-MERCHANT H: Healing Salve the Mire W: Low tier legacy offers (no gauss or poons please)

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2022.01.28 18:52 xofreestyles is there a 2.1 HDMI port on RTX 2060 Super ?

I was reviewing the Oled C1 TV and it says not all GPU have 2.1
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2022.01.28 18:52 TrumpPresident2021 Someone needs to go and change his diapers

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2022.01.28 18:52 TipStandard2999 The most important lessons this year: buy, hodl, DRS, assign beneficiaries to your shares.

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2022.01.28 18:52 ThatboyQsus Bro i just opened reddit

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2022.01.28 18:52 TheMcFuckYourself [GPU] Asus Rx 6600 XT Newegg - $509.99

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2022.01.28 18:52 Jacob8386 Damn Jeeps!

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2022.01.28 18:52 stef99ane19 I am very proud of me, I landed the job I worked towards for 6 months. I just want to share my story, and inspire whoever! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

I didn’t know where to post this, but I got the Job I have been working towards for months.
A little back story, I graduated in May with a BS in Engineering. I was fortunate enough to get a job around that end of July, but I had no passion in the field and I felt like I was just working to work. I started exploring options. I came across DevOps, and I knew right off that’s something I wanted to do. But I didn’t know where to beginning , I started learning about AWS, and working towards getting certified, but was getting discouraged by people telling me certifications are very much worthless without experience. But still, I went ahead and got two certifications within 3 months. I honestly enjoyed learning and playing with the cloud.
so I started looking into DevOps role, again people were saying, it’s very hard to get in in since it’s not an entry level job which I can see why. Hit a road block, and felt very unworthy, since all I was getting were rejections emails. So i started learning concepts and tools on my own, I was sleeping around 1am to wake up the next day at 7 for work.
Long story short, a company reached out and believe in my motivation and abilities to learn on my own, and offered me a Jr Devops role 100% remote and 20% more than I currently make.
I’m very happy, and I wanted to share this to let anyone who might be struggling, or working hard that it will pay off. DO NOT BACK OFF, KEEP GOING !! You can do it.
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2022.01.28 18:52 SamTheMan0688 Arcaus Legends question

So I know that the purpose of this game is to catch multiple of the same pokemon etc.. but my question is.. is there a point to keeping all of them?

For example.. I don't need 10 Bidoofs lol.. should i just release the excess ones? And if so, is there a quick way rather than 1 by 1?
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2022.01.28 18:52 FnafXBrawlStars When you first hear the word “Pixar” which franchise comes first in your mind?

View Poll
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2022.01.28 18:52 idspispopd Anything can be eco with a coat of greenwash!

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2022.01.28 18:52 ThrowRA_uuuu DIEP flap vs BMX vs lumpectomy?

I’ve trawled the subreddit looking for experiences but still feel like I need some more info and first hand accounts of recovery and results.
My tumor is a little less than 3cm and I have TNBC so I’m hoping the tumor will shrink a lot with chemo and a lumpectomy will be possible. But I can’t fully bank on that, so I need to start considering my other options which are a BMX or DIEP flap…
My nurse at my cancer center totally raved about her diep flap procedure and said her recovery wasn’t bad, only about 6 weeks which seems similar to a BMX+implant reconstruction minus the 6 months of expander fillings. Does that sound about right?
I really don’t want implants bc I hate feeling cold, which I’ve heard is common with implants but also I really can’t stand the idea of having temporary expanders I have to constantly get filled for months after treatment ends. But if long term results for implant reconstruction is better, I would consider it.The thought of having to replace them sometime in the future does bother me though.
I read so many horrible things about DIEP flap surgeries online, like lack of abdominal strength after and lots and lots of follow up surgeries but this nurse I met at my chemo infusion said it was really simple and the results came out great, with no loss in abdominal strength. I am slightly overweight and have had a pooch under my belly button since I was a child, so I think I have enough fat to tuck up in there, but I don’t want to lose strength in my core area or have a ton of revision surgeries. I also don’t know how the boobs will look years and years afterward.
I am leaning toward a lumpectomy, but I’m not sure it will be possible or smart, since I’m only 28 my chance of recurrence over my lifetime is pretty high. I also worry that since I need radiation after my surgery, that it will warp my fake boobs :/
Can anyone please share their experiences with their surgeries? I’m really curious how the different options “age” overtime as well.
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2022.01.28 18:52 Disastrous-Ranger562 Wendy stops Umôrdhoth all by herself

I just beat Feast of Umôrdhoth playing solo. Getting an extra action for evading was sweet and I got lucky with some amazing items (is it usually this swingy with powerful items?) and no lurkers. The .45 Thompson made her great at defeating the cultists with +5. I also had 3 strength (her only main weakness) focus tokens for the boss fight. Lita is even better in this scenario than in the LCG! Only had 3 doom on the scenario sheet! I love the parallels with Midnight Masks from the LCG!
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2022.01.28 18:52 SophiaMae23 Doing this to be a better version of ME 🙏❤️💪

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2022.01.28 18:52 Fabulous-Row397 Cheers my ape fam 💙💎🙌🏽

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2022.01.28 18:52 kayproII Input lag on Xbox Drum master

So I decided to try out the new taiko on the Xbox, and found that no matter how much I played around with the calibration settings, there was still enough input lag on the game to make the game unplayable, as a test to see if it was just my tv, I decided to hook up my switch and play drum ‘n’ fun on that without touching any settings, but found that there was virtually no noticeable input lag. so does anyone else have input lag problems with taiko drum master?
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2022.01.28 18:52 nogoodreason Would love to see other players' photos

Could I suggest a regular gallery of people's photos (could be PhotoMode or from using the InstaMatic in-game camera). I've had some fun posing my character for ridiculous selfies (I'm sure I'm not the only one) and it seems such a shame you can't share them with other players.
I appreciate why maybe you can't print them out and hang them up in your C.A.M.P. but could we get a thread going on here? (Does this subreddit support embedding images within a text post?)
I'll start the ball rolling with...
Appalachia Holiday Scrapbook Property of Slick Dickens. If found, please return to The Wayward.

Don't know what was in those Halloween candies but I woke up on this sofa smelling of Sheepsquatch and regret.
Public exhibitionist

Favourite toilets (so far!) https://www.flickr.com/photos/nogoodreason/51847509492/in/album-72177720296287969/

Visited my old alma mater
Ran into an old vaultmate
New friends and new threads
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2022.01.28 18:52 Bofarelli Anybody know what this could mean on pusha’s new post about Ye that he blurred out??

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2022.01.28 18:52 knowledgeispower1 Just had a random homeless begger pull a knife on me and threaten to kill me

Title. Random guy at a gas station asked for money, when I declined he pulled a knife out of his pocket and said he was going to kill me. Luckily I'm somewhat of a physically intimidating looking person so when I pulled my own knife and told him come do it he decided to run away calling me a "bitch ass nigga." I told the gas station owners and they said they didn't even care to call the cops even though I got a picture of the dude. This was in broad daylight in the U district. Right next to the new minihomes lot. This city does not care about your safety. I used to think a hunting knife and taser were enough to walk around during the day but I'll likely be keeping a gun on me these days. If you can't recognize something is deeply wrong here, you need a reality check bad.
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2022.01.28 18:52 poop_steam Rate my paint job. Built this for my dad

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2022.01.28 18:52 xKvrito $25 cashapp or apple pay only. n g f !!

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2022.01.28 18:52 S-8-R Getting lots of warning messages on my 2021. Dealer can’t find problem.

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2022.01.28 18:52 Large_Abies_1389 What happens in the boys chat?

I just want to know what happens (nothing extremely inappropriate or at least don’t go into details)
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2022.01.28 18:52 47gooder shane’s impressions

young bulls got the best trump out there & the few times he busted out the diaz voice i was dying.
any other good impressions he’s done that i’ve missed? & no way he didn’t bust out that trump voice to land snl right?
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