What do you think the significance of all the flowers in Akainu's design is?

2022.01.28 20:19 AsianCrank What do you think the significance of all the flowers in Akainu's design is?

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Fun... boring... sleeping... exciting... what are we doing?
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2022.01.28 20:19 Swimming_Resource828 Having a good week after being depressed for almost your entire life feels wrong

Seriously though.
It feels so unreal going through life being okay. I'm so used to feeling so negative. It's insane going from thinking of killing yourself daily to not thinking of killing yourself at all.
The relief is hard to put into words, but I sometimes have a feeling I'm dreaming. Everything has a touch of unreality to it. It's almost scary.
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2022.01.28 20:19 LSARefugee We uncovered the impact of GOP voting restrictions in one key state. It's staggering.

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2022.01.28 20:19 soosis How is redux mod?

How does it compare to borderlands 2 reborn? I played the hell out of that, maybe this will give me some incentive to return to bl 3.
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2022.01.28 20:19 MechaYoda Please someone explain this to me.

So there are two packages, both bound for the same final address, both arrive at the distribution hub around the same time on the same day, both are loaded on a truck for delivery within 30 minutes of one another. Why is one package delivered and the other "delayed" until the next day? Were the two packages bound for the same address not placed on the same truck? That seems like a waste of resources. Did the drivers computer not indicate there were two packages to be delivered to this address in their possession? Has the driver taken the second package for themselves and it's not going to be delivered tomorrow either but instead changed to "lost"? Just really confused and frustrated right now.
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2022.01.28 20:19 mannyriveramang I'm feeling brave enough to have you watch me run a few missions. Your input is very much welcomed. I have never done interplanetary travel with actual Kerbals so that's what I'm doing. Difficulty is Moderate with No Comms

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2022.01.28 20:19 DismalAssociate8049 Goguryeo's Samhan Identity

Translated from this Chinese post: https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/44604506

从征辽东,帝舍临海顿,见大鸟,异之,诏绰为铭。 其辞曰:主缮辏维大业八年,岁在壬申,夏四月丙子,皇帝底定辽碣,班师振旅,龙驾南辕,鸾旗西迈,行宫次于柳城县之临海顿焉... 臣拜稽首,敢勒铭云...帝自东征,言复禹绩,乃御轩营。六师薄伐,三韩肃清,龚行天罚,赫赫明明... 帝览而善之,命有司勒于海上。 ——【隋书 虞绰传】
On his campaign towards the Liaodong Peninsula, the Emperor camped by the sea and saw a great bird, he was interested by it and ordered Chuo to carve a stele.
On it read: In the fourth month of the eighth year of Daye (612), the year was Renshen (Imjin), the emperor has reached Liaodong and Jieshi and encamped his army there, his ride facing south and his banners pointing west, established at Liucheng (a fortress in Liaodong) by the sea...
His servant kowtows and dares to write...since the emperor's eastern expedition, he has declared that his achievements will rival those of Yu the Great, and he has arranged his legions in encampments. The six armies conquered, defeating the Samhan, carrying out the punishment of heaving, majestic and evident...
The emperor read and approved it, and ordered it inscribed near the sea.
--Biography of Yu Chuo, Book of Sui
When I originally read the Book of Sui I had been curious about this. In most Chinese texts since the Han dynasty "Samhan" has always referred to the southern kingdoms on the Korean peninsula. Why here Emperor Yang of Sui and his scribe Yu Chuo all refer to the military campaign against Goguryeo's Liaodong peninsula as "defeating the Samhan"? Could it be that the "Samhan" (Mahan, Byeonhan, and Jinhan) were considered by them to include Liaodong?
With these questions, I read the Quan Tang Wen (Compilation of Tang Dynasty works), and found that not only was this situation not specific to Sui, but when Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty captured Goguryeo's Baegam fortress, his edict contained a passage similar:
朕悯彼同焚,情深恻隐,乃亲御八骏,幸敕三军。贼既倒县,方思转祸。积甲齐於熊耳,获庾方於海陵。建十州之旗,各复於桑梓;反三韩之士,不易於农肆。焚榇锡爵,驱驰辽浿之间;凿井耕田,编列弁辰之野。 ——【克高丽白岩城诏】
I am understanding of your plight, and my compassion is strong, thus I have led here the eight steeds and three armies. Since the bandits have been defeated, they have attempted to spread there destruction. I have armor that piles as high as the Xiong'er mountains, and have already captured Yu Xi at Hailing. For my armies from ten provinces, I returned each to their homeland, but for the soldiers of Samhan, I have not released back to their fields. I have accepted their surrender and and have toasted to their submission. I ride between the Liao and Bei (Taedong) rivers, building wells and ploughing farmlands, fielding my army on the Byeonhan Plains. (Byeonhan was originally in the southern half of the peninsula, and later transformed into Gaya)
--Edict on the Capture of Goryeo's Baegam Fortress
This is also true in another edict by Emperor Taizong titled Declaring a Pardon during Great Rains.
As such, it is evident that in the eyes of Sui and Tang Chinese people, seeing Goguryeo as a component of Samhan is normal. Otherwise both Emperor Yang of Sui and Emperor Taizong of Tang would not use the word "Samhan" this way.
Now that we have figured this out, the next question comes. Was this habit of referring to Goguryeo as Samhan peculiar to Chinese dynasties, or did Goguryeo people themselves see themselves as Samhan?
Unfortunately, the dynastic records of Goguryeo such as the Yugi and the Sinjip are all lost, but on the other hand around 20 tombs of Goguryeo people residing in Tang have been unearthed in the past century, so what can we find?
After inspecting them (most of them being Goguryeo nobles who had become Tang officials), we have discovered that the Goguryeo people did in fact refer to themselves as Samhan, for example:
Tomb Inscription of Great Zhou (Wu Zhou)'s General, Zuoqingdao Guard Commander, Pinyang Zhechongfu Captain Go Il-deok: He was from the eastern part of the country of Byeon. In the past, the Samhan fought amongst each other and the four seas' waves roared...By the first year of Zongzhang (668), Goryeo lost power in the east, and he emigrated to the western country...
Go Il-deok was without a doubt from Goguryeo, and his tomb inscription described him as from "the eastern part of the country of Byeon". The eastern part refers to the Sunno tribe of the five tribes of Goguryeo, and the country of Byeon is without a doubt Byeonhan. In other words, this Goguryeo man referred his own country as "Byeonhan". Given that the tomb inscription referred to the Tang Dynasty as the "western state", it is clear that the scribe is also not from Tang and is probably another individual of Goguryeo ethnicity.
Tomb Inscription of Great Tang's Right Lead General and Ceremonial Right Palace Guard General Yi Ta-in: His grandfather Bok-chu was our country's daehyeong, his father Maeng-jin was our country's prime minister. Now his soul shall cross the sea and rest in Byeonhan.
Yi Ta-in's tomb inscription refers to his ancestors as officials of "our country", indicating that the writer was also from Goguryeo, and here "Byeonhan" once again refers to Goguryeo (since daehyeong was an office position only used by Goguryeo).
高句丽宝藏王之孙高震墓志】: 公讳震,字某,渤海人。祖藏,开府仪同三司、工部尚书、朝鲜郡王...公乃扶余贵种,辰韩令族。怀化启土,继代称王,嗣为国宾,食邑千室。
Tomb Inscription of Go Jin, Grandson of King Bojang of Goguryeo: Master's name was Jin, courtesy name Mo, a Balhae man. His grandfather was Jang (King Bojang), entitled Kaifu Yitong Sansi, minister of public works, and was the subordinate king of Joseon...Master was a Buyeo noble, of Jinhan's noble stock. After his ancestor's were given land following their surrender, they have been national guests, with 1000 households as subjects.
Go Jin's grandfather was Goguryeo's final king Go Jang, and hence a proper descendent of Goguryeo's royal family.
Firstly, since Goguryeo's royalty always claimed descent from Buyeo, thus referring to him as a "Buyeo noble" is not at all problematic. The key is the next sentence, "of Jinhan's noble stock". It must be known that whether Goguryeo's origin in Buyeo or its later capital in Pyongyang where both very distant from Jinhan's location around Gyeongju.
Thus, here "Jinhan" is also another name for Goguryeo.
The Goguryeo immigrants to Tang after the kingdom's destruction and their descendants would have kept alive for a time the lifestyle and language of their home country. Thus it is clear that using "Samhan" to refer to Goguryeo was already present within the Goguryeo royalty and nobility, and not a unilateral action by central plains dynasties.
In other words, after Goguryeo's core adopted a Samhan identity, this idea also spread to Goguryeo's various territories, including Liaodong. The central plains then adopted this terminology during diplomatic contact with Goguryeo.
What is truly surprising is that terminology using Samhan to refer to the Liaodong Peninsula did not die out with Goguryeo's destruction, but actually lasted for more than one thousand years, only becoming completely extinct by the time of the Republic of China (1911), examples:
唐睿宗即位后,下制书称出身靺鞨族的辽阳郡王李多祚“三韩贵种,百战余雄。席宠禁营,乃心王室,仗兹诚信,翻陷诛夷。” After Emperor Ruizong of Tang succeeded the throne (in 684), he wrote an edict praising the Prince of Liaoyang, Li Duozuo, who was of Tungusic Mohe ethnicity, "Of noble Samhan Blood, who braved a hundred battles. Controlled the armies with the emperor's favor, with his heart always loyal to the throne. Carrying this trust, he defeated the barbarians."
北宋【武经总要】将辽国位于鸭绿江北的吉州和盐州也叫做三韩之地:吉州,三韩古城也,契丹置兵防控新罗诸国。东至石城,西南至鸭绿江,东至大监州百里,西至海。盐州,三韩之地,旧有城邑,置兵防制新罗诸国。 Northern Song's military treatise Wujing Zongyao (published in 1040) refers Liao dynasty territories north of the Yalu river as lands of Samhan: Jizhou, an ancient city of Samhan, where the Khitans established a garrison to defend against Silla. East to Shicheng, Southwest until the Yalu river, East to Dajianzhou for a hundred li, and west to the sea. Yanzhou, in the land of Samhan, had a fortress in it in the past, where a garrison was deployed to defend against Silla.
清朝时期出身辽东地区的一大堆官员履历全写自己是“三韩人”: 孙蕴韬,汉军人,正红旗,三韩人,官生,康熙九年任胶州知州。 赵国宣,奉天三韩人,茶陵州知州。
Even many Qing dynasty (1644-1911) officers from Liaodong referred to themselves as "Samhan people".
Sun Yuntao, Han army official, plain red banner, a man of Samhan, born to an official, served as mayor of Jiaozhou in the 9th year of Kangxi (1670).
Zhao Guoxuan, a man from Fengtian (Shenyang) in Samhan, mayor of Chalingzhou.
(This situation is similar to how Romance-speaking France is still named after the Germanic Franks, and Slavic-speaking Russia is still named after the Viking Rus. Even though they were assimilated, their toponyms remained.)
Here there might be a question, when did Goguryeo start identifying itself with Samhan?
It is difficult to be gauge this due to the lack of historical records, but an educated guess would be during the reign of King Jangsu (394-491), specifically after he moved his capital to Pyongyang.
Firstly, Goguryeo and the state with occupied Mahan's original position, that state being Baekje, both claimed descent from the royal line of Buyeo. Goguryeo's position is recorded in the Gwanggaeto Stele, while Baekje's position is recorded in a diplomatic plea sent by Baekje to the Northern Wei dynasty in 472 asking Northern Wei to stop Goguryeo attacks against Baekje, in which the first sentence was "your servant (Baekje) and Goguryeo are both from Buyeo".
In 427 before this letter, Goguryeo's king Jangsu formally moved his capital to Pyongyang from Gungnae on the Yalu river. This undoubtedly indicated that Goguryeo was moving its strategic core to the Korean Peninsula, thus creating constant conflicts with Baekje and Silla, as indicated by Baekje's response.
Thus we can connect the dots. In order to conquer Baekje and Silla located in the heartland of Samhan, Goguryeo began to adopt a Samhan identity itself. This was coupled by the fact that Baekje was of common origin with itself. Baekje was a highly developed state and a conduit of culture, hence identifying with it was of no shame to Goguryeo.
Secondly, in relation with Silla which developed from Jinhan, Goguryeo was also mostly accepting. In 1979, a Goguryeo stele was discovered in Chungju. The attitude displayed by Goguryeo was very peculiar, referring to Silla as "eternal brothers from generation to generation", then calling the Silla kings "Maegeum (an ancient Korean title) of the eastern barbarians".
In addition, from the date of "fourth year of Geonheung" and the fact that there is a Buddha statue with the inscription "in the fifth year of Geonheung the year was Bingchen (Byeongjin), thus the fourth year would be a Yimao (Eulmyo) year. Thus it can be established that the year on the Chungju stele was 475, after Jangsu's move to Pyongyang.
It is not hard to see that after moving to Pyongyang, Goguryeo's kings worked hard to attempt to unify the southern half of the peninsula. Not only did Goguryeo attempt to do so which such vigor that Baekje was forced to seek an alliance with Northern Wei for help, but Goguryeo also attempted to form an alliance with Silla, but because Silla was for the moment the least developed of the three kingdoms, so Goguryeo still habitually referred to it as an eastern barbarian.
But as a whole, Goguryeo was clearly attempting to make itself closer to the regimes in the original Samhan heartland, whether by war or by brotherhood.
This, combined with the fact that the central plains started to refer to Goguryeo as Samhan starting from the Sui and Tang, we can establish that Goguryeo started developing a Samhan identity starting from 427, the year King Jangsu moved his capital to Pyongyang, and this identity spread to the rest of the Kingdom, including Liaodong, over the course of the next hundred years.
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2022.01.28 20:19 StubbornFoxx 𝔸𝕔𝕢𝕦𝕚𝕤𝕚𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟 ℝℙ - ℙℂ/𝕊𝕥𝕖𝕒𝕞 𝕤𝕖𝕣𝕧𝕖𝕣

Acquisition is a roleplay server set in a medieval fantasy setting where the world is yours to claim. Traders of the Fairwynd Trading Company have landed upon the shores of a previously unknown land, and are calling all those with adventure in their hearts to settle this strange realm. In this land, no one rules – the world is wide open, ready for war, peace, alliances, and tales of heroism. But watch out, for it seems that the land itself rises against the settlers – be on your guard, wanderer. Pick your friend well – choose your battles – and claim your destiny! With a server built upon the ideas of community we do our best to incorporate every character, quest, and lore idea into a cohesive story!
𝕆𝕦𝕣 𝕊𝕖𝕣𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕀𝕟𝕔𝕝𝕦𝕕𝕖𝕤:
- A unique gameplay system revolving around conquest of territory and settling a new land. Rule your own territory, protect it from invaders – define your destiny!
- A rich class and guild system, allowing you to play a role in the server’s economy! Open an inn as a tradesman, raid settlements as an outlaw, tame the wilds as a ranger, or choose one of the many other paths to power.
- A complete quest system! Follow paths to become the best of your class, earn the favor of your chosen god, or take part in large-scale storylines in the main questline.
- A progression-based system of taming, revolving around trade and questing. Flyers are enabled, but must be rearned.
- A community-based approach to our lore and gameplay. Want to design your own race? Let us know! Want to run a customized event or host your own quests? Go for it! All suggestions are considered greatly by the admin team, and may be put to a community vote!
- A number of admin and player-run events. Weekly markets, arena battles, raid bases, scavenger hunts and more!
- Starter kits and fully stock server shop (no donation required – in game currency only!)
- A modlist devoted to building an immersive, fantasy-based world.
- Boosted rates, focused on breeding, taming, and building!
- A server dedicated to a diverse, welcoming community – a safe space for LGBT, neuro-divergent, and youth, as well as a place where both veteran AND new roleplayers can co-exist!
𝕄𝕒𝕡: Lost Island
𝕊𝕥𝕖𝕒𝕞 𝕄𝕠𝕕 𝕃𝕚𝕤𝕥: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2709485738
𝔻𝕚𝕤𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕕: https://discord.gg/me43NHrpWg
We are also always open to people who are interest in becoming Admins, Moderators, or NPC Quest-givers!
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2022.01.28 20:19 ksstrng What do you guys thing would be a good cover up for these colored flowers? Was thinking maybe a butterfly? I’m into very feminine tats. The colored and black combo is bothering me and I just want everything on my arm to be black and grey.

What do you guys thing would be a good cover up for these colored flowers? Was thinking maybe a butterfly? I’m into very feminine tats. The colored and black combo is bothering me and I just want everything on my arm to be black and grey. submitted by ksstrng to tattoos [link] [comments]