First box of halves. What should I look for besides silver?

2022.01.28 18:44 IndustrialMechanic3 First box of halves. What should I look for besides silver?

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2022.01.28 18:44 23World 'Who cares ... call them racists': Explaining the dishonest attacks on legal scholar Ilya Shapiro

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2022.01.28 18:44 Kindly_Dimension4365 Rei plush and Neco arc Plush

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2022.01.28 18:44 PyStreamX Morgan Reid

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2022.01.28 18:44 boatkidd DS3 XB1 HELP Lord of cinder

Password is UGSKM
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2022.01.28 18:44 Cute-Cicada-59 Peyronies Questions - This Subreddit is Scary! :)

After reading a bunch of suicidal posts here, my anxiety is a bit high. Had a few questions if you guys have a minute. For myself, the only symptom I noticed at first was my penis was starting to hurt when it was erect. I would guess that started 2 months ago or so. I'm 51 years old. Don't recall any injuries or jamming it during sex etc... Read online peyronies is a good possibility of what I've got going on. Now I've noticed a bit of a bend pretty close to the base, and it bends towards me. Only when it's erect. Nothing happening flacid that I can see. I don't really feel any bumps or hard things in that area. Also... I'm not 100% sure, but I believe if it was hard and I wasn't touching it, it would be straight... But if I grab it, it definitely has an area near the base that will bend towards me upwards. I haven't noticed any shrinkage as of yet.
So I guess my questions are... 1. Should I avoid sex right now while I'm figuring this out? I don't want to damage it further. Or if I'm extra careful is that okay? 2. I see people suggesting implants on here. Is that only for people with major shrinkage? Or is that to keep it straight? 3. I live in LA and this place I found offers this acoustic wave therapy. And after reading the posts here, I'm starting to believe it's an ineffective snake oil situation? Even though they claim 85% efficacy success rate... I spoke with him and he seems like a very sincere guy, but now I'm worried it's all part of a sales pitch with exaggerated success numbers. I'll copy and paste his email below here so you guys can let me know if I'd be wasting my time. Appreciate it!!!
As we discussed, erectile function is a pretty complex orchestration of body mechanisms. Blood vessels, nerves, hormones and psyche all come into play. Our treatment focuses on the physical functionality of erectile function. Nerves talk to each other by releasing nitric oxide and other chemical messengers. These boost the release of other chemicals that initiate the entire erection process by relaxing smooth muscle cells allowing for blood absorption and retention to create an erection. That said, it's obvious that healthy and functioning blood vessels, nerves and other soft tissues are absolutely vital to a healthy erection. As we get older, as with all things, function of some nerves and maybe circulation, becomes weakened or tired. This is what our treatment addresses. Our protocol involves a very unique and aggressive combination of equipment, intensity, frequency and interval settings and wanding-motion. I truly believe that's key to driving our 85% efficacy success rate. Low intensity, high frequency, linear focused acoustic waves are directed to the shaft and perineum areas of our patients. The waves deliver a one-two punch:

  1. Very similar to lithotripsy for kidney stones, the acoustic waves remove micro-plaque that has accumulated in the blood vessels of the penis. We all accumulate micro-plaque, but some men more and or quicker than others. By removing this plaque we improve blood flow - key to a healthy erection. It's no surprise that men with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, or obesity often suffer from ED as ED is a leading marker of a much broader cardiovascular issue. What I mean is, ED will often surface FIRST before a guy finds out he has hypertension or some other issue. So that's the first punch - clear the plumbing.
  2. The application of these acoustic waves creates a micro-trauma event in the area treated. This signals the body to release growth factors - "please send help, something's hitting us down here". We all have these growth factors, but by the age of 25 or so they have all gone dormant and require a good amount of "shock" to come alive. Our focused therapy, while not creating any sort of major or minor damage, because it is so focused makes it intense enough for the brain to signal the release of them. Including stem cells, these growth factors serve to repair and regenerate soft tissue in the treated area. And with our treatment that means blood vessels and nerves. That's the second punch.
So, to my original description of how an erection comes about, you can see that our treatment addresses the root cause and strategic functionality - we clear impeded blood flow and we repair and rejuvenate vital soft tissue like nerves and blood vessels. We provide no other service than acoustic wave therapy for ED. We have it mastered and we do it extremely well. We are not distracted with other men's services which, I think, has allowed us to become so good at what we do. We have also been tremendously successful at treating Peyronie's disease since these acoustic waves are excellent at diminishing or removing scar tissue which typically is to blame for the unordinary curvature. Once again, the initial doctor review is $140. A set of six treatments is $1750; a set of 12 is $2750. I'm glad you're getting your issue fully checked and vetted first. With that knowledge we can come up with an appropriate and effective game plan. Please don't hesitate to call me should you have further questions.
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2022.01.28 18:44 Haliax1011 Why is e4 best move? Also with e4 accuracy dropped by 13 points

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2022.01.28 18:44 phbalancedwaters peepoC

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2022.01.28 18:44 Triande 50 sub milestone reached and the run was released as promised!Red Alert 3 Speedrun Soviet Campaign released.All the broken strategies and cheese has ben unleashed during this run.

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2022.01.28 18:44 Mellowjoat NKD Randall Made Knives 75th anniversary #12 of 200

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2022.01.28 18:44 krimh97 Late night spin- GOLD Why aren't you laughing

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2022.01.28 18:44 Meggiegdesigns Ok! Here’s my first time I’ve dying sweatshirts and their results. If anyone knows of a good hoodie to dye please let me know I feel like it is impossible to find 100%cotton.

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2022.01.28 18:44 AmazinRussian GRE Advice

I’m hoping to get in to a school this cycle, however my GRE score ended up being a bit lower than desired. I received a 150 verbal and 156 quant. I know this score is enough to be average for most of the schools I’d apply too. I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to retake it, considering the expenses for the testing fee. I’ll be around 1,500 hours with a 3.97 GPA. I have a few hundred hours volunteering as well. With those stats in mind will the lower GRE score be enough? Or will I need a higher one to get into schools that require it
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2022.01.28 18:44 db82 Marker and pen on photo paper

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2022.01.28 18:44 Lobselvith Exclusive ELDEN RING Gameplay – Exploring Castle Mourne

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2022.01.28 18:44 thenorthstand When's the right time to buy a new car?

It seems that used cars now are beyond expensive. Frustratingly, I've been looking for weeks and I've been looking at possibly getting a used PCP deal. The problem is that I totally grudge paying too much for something and it seems that the prices are not going to drop to pre-pandemic levels any time soon, possibly years.
Is it best to hold on and wait or do we think 2022 will see prices drop. Or are prices likely to remain high regardless?
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2022.01.28 18:44 Because_Bot_Fed Source for Humor/Memes that are all images from Manhwa/Manhua/Manga?

Just wondering if anyone knows a good source for funny pictures that are straight from the original source, or edits of the originals. (I know we have the humor tag here, but a great deal of it is normal memes that are just about Manhwa/etc, rather than explicitly from Manhwa)
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2022.01.28 18:44 pugsandkisses2020 OMAD day 4: lunch out with a friend. Feeling good, motivated and excited about this 100 days challenge

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2022.01.28 18:44 tommey18 What’s wrong?

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2022.01.28 18:44 smidgyballs If your dog doesn’t calm down within the first 5 minutes of someone visiting your home, it needs to be put in another room or kenneled.

This would be a no brainer popular opinion for most people, but a lot of dog owners cannot pick up on social cues.
There’s been many instances when I have been in someone’s home and their dog is overstimulated. This is expected with a lot of dogs, but if it doesn’t calm down within 5 minutes, the dog needs to be put in another room.
I always hear the saying “it’s MY dogs house too, it can do as it pleases”. Great, then I don’t need to come over anymore. I’m a dog person for the most part. I’m not hostile or unfriendly. All of my friends own dogs that I have met many times, and each time the dog jumps on me, scratches me, and overall does not leave me alone. Instead of taking care of the issue, owners will just laugh it off. I make the suggestion to take the dog into another room, but the owners tell me “I feel bad locking them away, since it’s their house too”
Another instance is dogs in public businesses. My previous hair dresser has a big German Shepard. Beautiful dog, but I do not want a dog jumping all over me when getting my hair done is supposed to be relaxing. My 10 year old sister also had her hair cut there, and left the salon in scratches. I asked the owner to take the dog into another room, and she stated, “oh she’s just a puppy and will calm down soon”. I no longer go to that salon specifically because she doesn’t respect the fact that people do not want to leave covered in scratches, dog hair and be harassed the entire session.
Overall, you can blame it on the owners that the dog is not well behaved. I think it’s incredibly rude to have more respect for a dog, than a friend visiting for an hour. Your dog will be fine if it’s alone in a room while you have a visitor.
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2022.01.28 18:44 KaliLovee Is doordash lying to me? Lol

My husband just signed up for doordash, but I've been doing it for about a year. He goes to check if its busy anywhere and it shows busy in our area. I go onto mine and it doesnt show it busy as all. All greyed out. Is there any reason it does that or is doordash just cap?
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2022.01.28 18:44 IBreedBagels It's Official! - Almost

Been a while,
Just wanted to give another update:
As of today, ALL of the official business paperwork has been completed FINALLY and everything has been submitted. It's all being processed, and within the next couple weeks the Studio Deep Lake name will be an official LLC...
It's been a long couple months working with paperwork, and waiting on different things. But it's all done now and official. I'm super excited to move forward with the next stage of owning an official Gaming Studio.
The next step: Finalizing the Media channels, announcing projects, and cementing a footprint within the gaming space as a developer.
Over the course of this next week or so I'm going to be updating and getting ready the YouTube channel and try to get the content pipeline setup. I'm going to take things one thing at a time moving forward, so I'll post another update as soon as things are set!
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2022.01.28 18:44 Paper-Cup It’s stuck in my head now

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2022.01.28 18:44 Zannt But I want it!!!!!!!!

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2022.01.28 18:44 jibbitsjunior We poppin bottles with y’all. Cheers!

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