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Appreciating Art

2021.12.01 10:16 profusly Appreciating Art

A lawyer, representing a wealthy art collector called him and said, "Paul, I have some good news and I have some bad news."
The art collector replied, "I've had an awful day; let's hear the good news first."
The lawyer said, "Well, I met with your wife today. She informed me that she invested $1,500 in two pictures that she thinks will bring a minimum of $15-20 million. And I think she could be right."
Paul replied enthusiastically, "Well done! My wife is a brilliant businesswoman! You've just made my day. Now I know I can handle the bad news. What is it ?"
The lawyer replied, "The pictures are of you and your secretary.”
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2021.12.01 10:16 jurassicbond What's the best brand for prebuilt PCs?

With the graphics card shortage, it seems easier to get a prebuilt desktop than building it myself. But I'm unfamiliar with how good the various brands are.
I was looking on Microcenter and this ASUS one struck my eye.
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2021.12.01 10:16 ZombieSNES ZombieSNES's IGS Rep Page

PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THIS Users may feel free to add any other rep here, steamtrades.com, /SGS rep, /GCXRep, etc but understand that the only fully accepted rep on /indiegameswap is on /IGSRep. Traders may reject trades for any suspicion and should feel free to contact the mods for background checks
You may only edit things beneath this line or total number of complete trades. Insert what you like here.Examples: Other Rep pages, your steam/orgin profile, your favorite type of game, favorite quote, picture, anything! This is your area!!
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2021.12.01 10:16 radiovoicex Buster has reluctantly accepted his new earrings

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2021.12.01 10:16 ROMANTlC absolute popcorn unit

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2021.12.01 10:16 AutoNewspaperAdmin [CA] - Wheatland Regional Corporation board faces voting restructure | Toronto Star

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2021.12.01 10:16 YEET9kyy What Lamy 2000 nib to get for a friend

Hi im considering to get a Lamy 2000 for a friend, and I was wondering what nib size I should get them. Their current favorite pen and ink combo is a simple Lamy safari with the 1.1 nib, paired with Pelikan 4001 Blue black (For paper they use a muji notebook that is surprisingly smooth and very resistant to bleed-through and feathering, they even use it for when they want to do blackletter calligraphy with a dip pen) . They say they love using it and if they got a another pen they would like the line thickness to be the same. So what nib would be best for them? The 2k’s Fine, medium, large?
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2021.12.01 10:16 Puzzled-Amoeba-6143 Form DEF 14C Ascent Solar Technologie For: Nov 29


This looks mostly procedural to me as it still doesn't say specifically what the dilution will be. It does look like we'll get some sort of notice from our brokerage and the move will take place 20 days after that point??

"Effective Date
Under applicable federal securities laws, the Amendment cannot be effected until at least 20 calendar days following the date a Definitive Information Statement has been provided to our stockholders. A Definitive Information Statement cannot be furnished to our stockholders until ten days after the filing of a Preliminary Information Statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and as such the Amendment will become effective no sooner than December 20, 2021."
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2021.12.01 10:16 Schemen123 Just found that LITTLE gem of a charging station in ABRP! 4x1000kW, lots of 475kW and countless 140kW charger.

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2021.12.01 10:16 CorpsegrindersNeck No More Yorkys

what's all your thoughts on the Yorkston family company closing down after 90something years of business in bellingham?
the owners retired and i heard their children had no interest in continuing the company.
i'll reply to your thoughts after work...
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2021.12.01 10:16 Swhite2323 Lottie Magne in shorts and high heels

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2021.12.01 10:16 ShortAlgoBear Monitoring for a buy entry on $LIQT with UltraAlgo.

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2021.12.01 10:16 jookco siobhan cattigan Death - Obituary News Story : See What Happened. Click link to read full story.

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2021.12.01 10:16 AutoNewspaperAdmin [CA] - Foymount Road rebuild is delayed | Toronto Star

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2021.12.01 10:16 Individual-Ad-137 $PPSI - Ya’ll done with me??

No one seems to be talking about it and it’s reflected in the PM. Yesterday it pulled off a massive comeback despite one of the reddest days in the market. All the possibilities still exist and right now it’s on sale! Final thought, pre market volume is under 200k and if it opens at 9.05 (which I hope it doesn’t) it gets the added support of the SSR rule (🥴)
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2021.12.01 10:16 ProstoKote Мертвого разбудит...

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2021.12.01 10:16 rohitcrypto92 ⚡️Top #Polygon Ecosystem Tokens by Price Performance (30D) 1 December 2021 $XTM $GALA $RNDR $NFTD $BONDLY $REALM $BORING $ANRX $ISP $START $SUPER $TVL $PLA $UNCX $ROUTE

⚡️Top #Polygon Ecosystem Tokens by Price Performance (30D) 1 December 2021 $XTM $GALA $RNDR $NFTD $BONDLY $REALM $BORING $ANRX $ISP $START $SUPER $TVL $PLA $UNCX $ROUTE submitted by rohitcrypto92 to DFYN_Network [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 10:16 dirtyharrison My humble attempt at persuading the SE community that mentalism is a mandatory skill to have in one's tool-kit

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2021.12.01 10:16 MulciberTenebras 15 Days Until Spider-Man: NWH [A Cover-a-Day Countdown]

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2021.12.01 10:16 Myrandall Lunch Break by Porforever

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2021.12.01 10:16 Timely_Concentrate41 Anyone else’s game crashed right now

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2021.12.01 10:16 iridael Snow chapter 37

First chapter
Background information
previous chapter
[Next Chapter]
“Let me die” she begs as her severed leg spraying blood onto the floor as she drags herself to me, eyes bloodshot and half mad.
I don’t reply, simply healing her and killing a few more thralls that dare come close. I don't know how long it's been in here now but each time I save Mary she begs me to let her die. Once she even took her knife, now blunt and bent from overuse and tried to saw through her own neck.
Before I leave I point to the single light source in this palace. My throne room door where Sathona is still waiting silently. “This is the last time I save you.” I say letting an acolyte’s soulfire explode on my shield before shooting it dead.
Returning to Sathona I push past her and enter my throne world. She turns around to face me as I sit on my throne. “I remember an old tail. An ascendant called Oryx sent his only son into a seemingly hopeless war. He said to his child ‘return mighty or remain forgotten.’” she says.
“What happened to him?” I ask
“Crota left and was forgotten. Oryx continued his crusade without his son. The only proof of his sons continued existence was the silent gate through which he left. Cut open in reality and unclosable. Oryx knew that should his son fall, the invaders would return. Or his son would return and the doorway close.”
“And did Crota return?” I ask
“He did, he returned changed, stronger, mighty beyond reckoning. He slaughtered hundreds of guardians in his assault on Snow’s home. Then he fell to six guardians. The sword logic is not infallible. It relies on tribute. So what if this flow of tribute is interrupted?”
“The practitioner is weakened.” I state.
“Crota invaded with his army, his generals and his brood. With all of them he was invincible. So these six worked in the shadows; they didn't kill the thralls; they assassinated the generals. The sword bearers, the witches. And when they faced Crota, they faced him and him alone without his path of tribute or his witches' curses or generals might protecting him. He stood alone. And alone he fell to sword logic.”
“So if she becomes ascendant and tithes me. I have to protect her inturn?” I ask.
“No, you are the one she gives tribute to, the one who fights and puts her life on the line for. But as a leader. You must show those under you how you will protect them, or avenge them. Like Oryx did.”
“I take it he invaded too.”
“He did. But he was a slow moving creature, his plans worked in the hundreds of years. Revenge is something that burns hot. Ultimately he fell to the same fallacy as his son.” Sathona says. “Well mostly. Thats a story for another time.” she says smiling and walking out of the doorway holding it open as she does.
Mary enters the doorway covered in black ichor, a broken Knights blade in one hand and a smoking stump where the other arm should be. One leg hangs lame as she limps forwards to my throne and falls down.
I don't let her hit the floor, blinking forwards I catch her and let my light flow. I wipe the blood from her face as she stares blankly at me, eyes flickering around. For a few moments I let the light flow over her healing the small wounds before lifting her to the table and laying her there. Her hand’s white knuckle grip on the blade loosens as I pry it from her grip. “It's ok, I’ve got you.” I whisper.
“I. I.” she tries to speak as specs of blood flick from her lips.
“Shhh” I say working, I move to her leg and see a blade severed most of the muscle, laying my hands over it I heal it as fast as I can before moving to her arm. As the pain and injuries recede she starts to cry, quiet choking sobs.
A few minutes pass as I push as much light into her as I can, rebuilding her piece by piece. Eventually her crying reaches a near hysterical level so I grab hold of her head to stop her banging it against the table.
“s͓̳̥ͅh̘̣͇̯̩͉̭h̭͚̳̰̼̗̜ ͏s̺̭l̪̻͓̫͞ḙ̛̥̱é͚̱̼͙̲ṕ̺̲͕̝.̖” I say staring into her eyes.
They roll back and she goes limp, her body relaxing for the first time. I continue my work restoring her arm and double checking her until she’s good as new before sitting back in a chair. Sathona comes over and looks at Mary before nodding and walking out of the door which flares in soulfire briefly as it devours her.
Im not sure how long I waited for Mary, there was no real way to judge time in this place, but eventually she woke up. “How do you feel?” I ask
“Like I’ve been scoured from the inside out.” she says deadpan. “Did you know that I was a ship rat when I was younger? I lived on a freighter doing maintenance work in the service tunnels so the actual mechanics didn't have to do it. It was a rough life but I liked it…pirates captured our ship when I was twelve. Dragged me from my hiding spot. I was raped a lot.” she states. “Every time I said no they’d take a tendril…I was a captive for years, it didn't take long to run out of tendrils to take. I went into heat twice since they didn't give me the meds to control it. It made me more willing, because my body wanted a child. So they let me sate the urges even as I cried knowing it was wrong. I had my first child at 14. They sent him out the airlock minutes after he was born. I made a promise to myself to be strong after that. Eventually a mercenary band came along and saved me, but where could I go? I attached myself to the meanest most dangerous bastard they had and he taught me how to fight, how to use knives. I made sure the bastard died on a job when he’d stopped teaching me useful things. I started sleeping with the best gunman next, then the cook. He taught me poisons see… a few years later the captain comes to me, hands me a stack of credits and shows me a junker of a ship we’d recently salvaged and tells me to fuck off…and here I am, sitting here wondering how the hell I can get to where you are.” She says.
I get up off my throne and walk upto her. She leans back slightly. “You can't.” I tell her bluntly “Ghost, come out.”
Ghost pops out from behind me and floats up. “Hi, im ghost.”
“Tell her how I became a guardian.” I say as Mary watches ghost curiously.
“Thats easy. She died, I scanned her and found out she can wield the light. And brought her back.” he replies.
“Are there more of you around?” I ask him.
“Maybe a few. All of them will have guardians or be captive somewhere though. Not many of us survived the war.” he says.
“So its hopeless?” Mary asks deflating.
“Not entirely.” I say picking up the hive sword. “Did you realise that I stopped giving you ammo?” I ask.
Mary blinks. “I didn't. I just kept pulling more clips out when I needed them.” she says.
I smile and hand her my rifle. “Pull out a magazine and load it.” I tell her. She frowns and looks for one.
“Dont look for ammo. Just pull it out.” I tell her. She frowns but mimes the motion eyes widening as one flares to existence in her hand. She loads the gun and then with panicked motions makes the weapon safe before throwing it to the table. I smile as I notice that shooting me doesn't even cross her mind.
“Did you feel it?” I ask picking up the rifle.
“Feel it?” she asks
I hand the gun to her again. “Load it.” I order.
She pauses before doing so, the second she pulls the magazine into existence her eyes widen. “It's like a fire inside me. I pulled it and… you? How?”
“I told you, you have to take the knowledge, or submit and receive it as a gift. You submitted. And now you’re stronger.” I say before launching into a lesson. I tell her about bomb and sword logic using examples where I can but the jist of it is that under sword logic the more I kill the stronger I become, but also as my subordinate the more she kills the stronger I become. However under bomb logic, the stronger I become the stronger I can make her.
When I finish explaining she smiles. “So I have this power as long as I serve you? do I call you master too?” she says with sarcasm in her voice.
“Gods no. could you imagine if i was that petty?” I ask
She laughs before running one hand over her hair and shivering. Pulling her tendrils into view she examines them before sofly muttering. “You gave them back.”
I walk behind her and gently gather a few, massaging their new length, causing her to shake before sighing. “I did, was it a mistake?” I ask giving one a tug and seeing one of her legs shiver.
“No. I…thank you.” she says, choking on her words.
“Don't thank me yet. Come on.” I say throwing the broken hive sword to her and walking to the door.
“We’re going back out there?” she asks.
“You left my gun out there.” I tell her. “Before we go to your ship i'm going to need it back.” I say.
She sighs and picks up the broken blade, rolling her shoulders and shaking the fear from herself. When she faces me I don't see the angry power hungry Mary the red that came in here or the scared half dead woman who crawled back. Instead there’s Mary. My Mary.
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2021.12.01 10:16 AutoNewspaperAdmin [CA] - Rockyford School PA system helps neighbouring school | Toronto Star

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2021.12.01 10:16 tooniecan thought i’d share my favorite shoes 🥰 is there anything comfier than birkenstocks?

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2021.12.01 10:16 AutoNewspaperAdmin [CA] - Warden’s awards presented to ski club and library CEO | Toronto Star

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