Kalian Pernah Tau/Mendengar Cerita tentang Kerabat/Temen/Saudara/Diri Sendiri Laki2 yang Kere trs Bisa Nikah sama Cewe dari Keluarga Kaya?

2021.10.23 08:35 Genzet Kalian Pernah Tau/Mendengar Cerita tentang Kerabat/Temen/Saudara/Diri Sendiri Laki2 yang Kere trs Bisa Nikah sama Cewe dari Keluarga Kaya?

Kalian banyak menemui itu kah? atau jarang? atau ga pernah sm sekali?
Kaya = ga perlu sampe crazy rich. punya mobil 2, rumah ga kecil2 amat, anaknya mau jajan2 lumayan mahal2 ga kesulitan buat diturutin
Kere = ga perlu sampe miskin amat. tipikal menengah ke bawah working class yg ga pnya mobil gt udah masuk definisi kere di sini
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2021.10.23 08:35 Amagmarieob WonderHero is featured on Mashable!

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2021.10.23 08:35 LightlySaltedDick Awe shittt we playing now

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2021.10.23 08:35 mojo_jojooo FRIGHTENING HEADLESS BOY πŸ‘»πŸ‘»

hi guys! my nephew has an entry for Halloween πŸ‘»πŸ‘» will you mind supporting him and liking this photo? πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘» https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4777780028940553&id=100001258084585&set=gm.626676058742366&source=48&ref=bookmarks
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2021.10.23 08:35 Academic-Fix6002 We are prone to engaging in a small quantity of tomfoolery

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2021.10.23 08:35 nemoj_da_me_peglas I watched BSG when it first came out, but only just decided to watch it through completely and finish it and I'm glad I did

There's a lot of things to say about this series and I honestly don't know where to start but I guess I'll start with the one that first came to mind as I finished it and that was it was really satisfying being able to have a good ending to the show. It's not perfect, and in some ways it feels kinda rushed but I've been burnt so many times from getting involved in a series and either not getting an ending at all (Sliders, Dark Angel, Firefly are just the tip of the iceberg) or getting a pretty unsatisfying one (sorry, not scifi but obligatory Game of Thrones mention here. I honestly can't even rewatch the show now) so getting one where things are basically wrapped up and you're given a sense of closure was just nice.
The other thing that I really enjoyed about the show was the fact that it wasn't episodic. One of the things that I didn't like about probably my two favorite shows of all time (Star Trek TNG and Stargate SG1) was the fact there wasn't much of a story and things kinda started and ended the same way (though to be fair, TNG was far, far worse than SG1 over this). It was nice to see the constant progression of the story. It felt like it was something I could get invested in.
Lastly, I would say that I'm glad I got into the show now instead of as a kid. I don't think this would be the kind of show I would've like back then (which explains why I only saw a couple episodes of it and didn't try to keep up with it). Probably the biggest benefit of getting into it now rather than when it was out is the lack of influence of the fanbase. I vaguely remember the hate surrounding the new series with decisions like making starbuck a woman but coming into the show now I can watch it without that outside influence pushing me one way or another.
Lastly, like Adama not wanting to finish his book, I was hesitant to finish the series more and more as I got towards the end. It's not often that I get impacted this way, but I actually felt really, really down when it was over. I still have a bit more BSG stuff to watch (the webisodes, Caprica and the tv movies) but that's going to be it and I don't know what to do with myself now. I had hoped there was a bit of a thriving series of books in the BSG universe somewhat like with star wars, but unfortunately that isn't the case (I understand that BSG isn't exactly an open universe so you have a pretty limited space to work with, but still..). Now I have to find something else to obsess over :(
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2021.10.23 08:35 hiddentheory Timberwolves defensive highlights against Rockets.

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2021.10.23 08:35 Dornanian The Saxon village of Biertan with its fortified church in Transylvania, Romania

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2021.10.23 08:35 DisastrousPrize305 EtherBack(ETHBACK) just launched on PCS | First dual-dividend yield token that rewards holders with Ethereum and DogeBack | Member of the DogeBack ecosystem

Are you ready to be part of thqqe Diamond Dogs? Then EtherBack is for you!
EtherBack is an innovative new token that yields DUAL dividends: Ethereum and DogeBack. Developed by the same experienced team behind DogeBack, EtherBack rewards you with both Ethereum and DogeBack FOR FREE just by holding.
The public pre-sale was sold out in seconds, so get in early to get your EtherBack!
β›πŸ• FEATURES β›πŸ•
βœ… Unique Dual Dividends:
Holding EtherBack means that you will receive Ethereum _and_ DogeBack for FREE every 30 minutes. Holding DogeBack means you will receive DOGE for free! πŸ€‘
βœ… Community TGs:
The main TG already has over 6k members with a VERY active text and voice chat. We also have TGs in other languages, including Chinese, Spanish and German. πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘
βœ… Dev Communication:
The devs have been communicating on the website, TG and Twitter. AMAs will be held at launch to answer any questions, and the team will keep communicating clearly with holders after launch as they develop the token. ❀️
βœ… Active Marketing:
EtherBack already has a full website, with 2% of funds dedicated to future marketing. πŸ‘€
βœ… Anti-Whale and Anti-Dump:
Due to their experience on other projects, the devs have included controls to stop big pumps and dumps. Ask for more info about this in the TG. πŸ’°
10% tax, 4% is used to buy Ethereum and 4% is used to buy DogeBack, which is automatically paid in dividends to holders.
The contract then uses the remaining 2% to buy back and burn or create more liquidity and a smaller portion of this is sent to the project team's marketing portfolio to fund day-to-day operations.
Contract: 0x2648c65033a3a74d7c66d991c1f2e0f9216ee746
Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x2648c65033a3a74d7c66d991c1f2e0f9216ee746
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x2648c65033a3a74d7c66d991c1f2e0f9216ee746#readContract
Liquidty locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xa1Bd35cefe5da6b12952d465ef294a9158c6022F
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2021.10.23 08:35 leinadeht 211022 - FM_1.24 - 'Talk & Talk' Choreography Video (Hanbok Ver.)

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2021.10.23 08:35 KnownReplacement3209 Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span, 9 ISBN: 9780323416733

Need this textbook in PDF, TIA.
Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span, 9 ISBN: 9780323416733
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2021.10.23 08:35 bestprohd Halloween SALE More info comments box TV + V.O.D + PPV. Limited Time Free Trial

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2021.10.23 08:35 Raja-khawar Vivo X70 Pro price in Pakistan

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2021.10.23 08:35 LouderLouder Zhuoxuan Came in Second Place in iQiyi's "Stage Boom"

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2021.10.23 08:35 Thorlano Previous time punches.

I don't know if it's possible, but is there somewhere on one walmart where I can look at my time punches from last week?
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2021.10.23 08:35 fandomfrenzythefox City_irl

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2021.10.23 08:35 Justanotheridiot38 Tom cruise. Brine : β€œfrom what I hear he doesn’t have any contact with his kids …from what I hear he is great he’s a great guy ”. (In the same episode Brendan says he judges people on how they treat their kids .) Brendan: β€œoh he’s such a good guy such a savage doin his own stunts β€œ

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2021.10.23 08:35 hercyp [GTM] Once more with Rudolph

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2021.10.23 08:35 Snusmumrikken1 can anyone help me identify this beer stein? i got it at a flee market

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2021.10.23 08:35 WingedButt Is My Best Friend Toxic?

Apologies for the long post. I hope you'll read it. Thanks!

I've known him for 10 years and he's been the most important person in my life. Over the past year or so, though, he's changed (he moved to another country 4 years ago but our long-distance friendship remained very strong throughout, until the past year).
We play games online together while on discord almost every day, and we text each other all the time, as we have done for so long. But lately I've been finding myself (sometimes) dreading our interactions. It seems like whenever we talk, there HAS to be a ton of complaining from his side.
He complains about important as well as very trivial shit for so long, and it drives me crazy, but I simply bottle it up and give him some quick advice because that's what friends are for... But there's a threshold for everything.
I have my fair share of problems too but I almost never bring them up because we're here to have fun, not depress each other. He doesn't seem to share that sentiment.
Also, he almost never pays attention to what I'm talking about. Sometimes, I'll say something like: "Hey, did you hear about that X incident?" or comment about something in the game we're playing, and he'll either stay silent for a while (which indicates that he's on his phone) or replies with something like: "mmhm/wow/oh, really?" in a very monotone and uninterested tone...
The same happens when we watch movies together online. His mind always seems to be elsewhere.
His attitude is often very childish, too. If I make some trivial mistake, such as not understanding something he said and asking him to elaborate, he insults me. We've always insulted each other in a friendly way often (as friends do), but these in particular are excessive and annoying, and he does it all the time even when I'm clearly being serious about something. It hurts.
I write and think about all this stuff, and I realize that he's probably being toxic... But he wasn't this way before, and I can't get myself to believe that he's a toxic person because he's always been so sweet and kind.
He also often bails out on plans to play games or do something together, whereas I always stick to our plans...
It's become very exhausting emotionally to be with him, even though I love him and he's really my only real friend...
I don't know how to deal with this. It feels like we're no longer compatible as people, but I feel like I can't afford to lose him because I'm in a stage in life where I cannot imagine living without a friend. It's Saturday and I'm feeling down because I've just realized how bad this relationship has become.
What would you do? Can I change him? Is there a possible solution?
Sorry for the long post, but this has been a serious problem that I really need help with.
Thank you very much for reading.
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2021.10.23 08:35 maimebeebo Qualified Immunity; Examining Statewide Legal & SCOTUS 2021 Ruling On Police Reform

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2021.10.23 08:35 Doubt_Such Life is pain(it's the enemy health)

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2021.10.23 08:35 worriedcantfunction `self` vs `get_node(".")`

I'm trying to do something kind of like this:
My class, Prop, extends Hitable, which extends CollisionObject. That means that a StaticBody, RigidBody, or Area can all be a Hitable and therefore a Prop.
If the Prop script is attached to a RigidBody, when the Prop gets hit I'd like to call apply_impulse on the RigidBody.
I can't do this from the Prop, however, because the Prop alone has no idea it is attached to a node that has the base type RigidBody (I'm not sure if base type is the correct term here). self does not have the function apply_impulse.
However, I got this working anyway, by doing this:

var body = get_node(".") if body is RigidBody: body.apply_impulse(force_pos, force_dir) 
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2021.10.23 08:35 PhantomX98 LED RGB Color Changing Corner Floor Lamp $64.99, FREE FOR AMAZON USA PRODUCT TESTERS, DM Me If You Are Interested

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2021.10.23 08:35 StoneBoy007 Please help me fix this!!!

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