Final call for feedback on non-binary research...

2021.10.23 08:14 UWEResearch Final call for feedback on non-binary research...

Hello all,
I recently published the analysis from my thesis in this sub to garner community feedback, and whilst quite a few have looked over the work, sadly, few have left any commentary for me. Gathering such feedback is an important part of establishing the validity (or otherwise) of my analysis and so I am going to leave the analysis up for a further week, asking anyone who is interested to have a look and then provide their reaction(s) and reflection(s) at the end…
The analysis can be found here and there's room at the end to leave your comments. Please be aware, it's quite long (about 12,000 words) so do give yourself plenty of time to read it.
I’m aware this is a big ask, so a pre-emptive thank you to anyone who does take the time to offer me their thoughts.
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2021.10.23 08:14 lolyobroiamnoob I'll try to draw a meme for fame

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2021.10.23 08:14 Maxcactus Devious DeSantis disenfranchises voters across South Florida

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2021.10.23 08:14 jaydecay78 Movie theme indicator

Hi all,

new to TMM but loving so far

One quick Q - is there anyway to add a flag to indicate whether theme.mp3 existing within movie folders? Now these are supported by Plex Im going back and adding as and when but its quite hard knowing which movies I still need to populate

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2021.10.23 08:14 Gold-Towel8513 Hmm

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2021.10.23 08:14 DanTeeBee Not sure if I'm the first Group Iron to get this but I think I would be up there

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2021.10.23 08:14 Ping-Pong-1 Tenerife Ladies WTA Quarter-Final 3 Highlights 2021

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2021.10.23 08:14 JokeSubject8517 day 1 at backrooms

I somehow entered to level 1 instead of level 0
I know that my journey will be interesting
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2021.10.23 08:14 HiItsLust Emotional Shot of Father Holding Son Wins Siena Photo Awards 2021. Turkish photographer Mehmet Aslan was recognized as the overall winner in the competition with his photo titled “Hardship of Life.” It was taken in the district of Reyhanli, in the Turkish province of Hatay, at the border with Syria.

Emotional Shot of Father Holding Son Wins Siena Photo Awards 2021. Turkish photographer Mehmet Aslan was recognized as the overall winner in the competition with his photo titled “Hardship of Life.” It was taken in the district of Reyhanli, in the Turkish province of Hatay, at the border with Syria. submitted by HiItsLust to MadeMeCry [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 08:14 Vonterino4711 nedělej to prosím, fakt prosím... slib mi to

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2021.10.23 08:14 kenny8138 Dave McSavage

went to see him last night, I wasn't sure what to expect, i loved the savage eye but I didn't know if he was gonna be any good doing stand up, but I must say he was fucking hilarious, if you get a chance to see him I highly recommend it
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2021.10.23 08:14 Paccyd33 Thought this was a good idea for a meme

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2021.10.23 08:14 StandUpTheSoryu- I love Premium to death but some people...

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2021.10.23 08:14 NonRock Talking to your own brain

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2021.10.23 08:14 Captain_LD Perfect in my opinion

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2021.10.23 08:14 greener676767 OP totally isn’t a 13 year old currently in this teachers class, this 100% happened, he total “flexed” on his teacher

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2021.10.23 08:14 Tricky_Solid4695 [For hire] open for character sketch illustration

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2021.10.23 08:14 FrodoIsHot69 [H] Classic Knife Fade fn ( 0.00742221530527 (Rank #309)) [W] Equal value knive or gloves

I have had this knife for a while and want the change things up.
B/O: Knife or gloves around equal value
trade url:
Profile url:
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2021.10.23 08:14 skellybunny Resetting my island

Hi! I’m about to reset my island but i have nowhere to put my stuff, so does anyone feel like helping me dropping my stuff off at your island during my move? I’m looking for someone who wants to reset too, so that i can have your stuff at my island as a return.
I’d be thankful for any help! (:
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2021.10.23 08:14 Sourvehicle PREDICTED

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2021.10.23 08:14 Mixalis818 My first time at madfut22

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2021.10.23 08:14 Ice1Bruvva Rttk team 2 added card most likely

With EAs new system of promos having the 3 extras Sunday plus added SBCs and objectives we could end up with an added 5 cards between now and the end of the weekend. Looking how EA has not given teams multiple specials like the rttf promo last year I compiled the few teams that haven't had cards for this promo and likelihood of players we could get from such. I've done a the majority of notable clubs from what I'd deem the 7 most used leagues in Europe with a few other clubs with notable players. Worth taking note of players from these teams or leagues in relation to the market too. After rttk 1 with SBCs we saw serie A and mainly la liga keep their pricing on cards whilst every other league crashed in price. Seeing a few options for team 2 there could be a chance players rise from how good these players could be. I will list all the players at the start of each team in case people want to skim through but have given reasons for player choices too
Champions league
Atalanta - Muriel, Zapata, Zappacosta. Feel either Columbian give an option up front for serie A squads that isn't a hero card or Dybala. Rb is lacking a bit in serie a with Cuadrado and at a push Dumfries so added zappacosta as a potential but least likely imo
Wolfsburg - Rousillon, Waldschmidt, Baku, Mbabu. Rousillon seems similar to how they added traore last week to stop ligue 1 RBs being a 1 player spot having a bundesliga LB solves this too. Waldschmidt and Baku I've added as they never really add full meta players to the 3 extras in the promo so either one could be there. Mbabu least likely due to stage of game plus mukiele addition last week but ea may wanna sell packs
Sporting CP - Pedro Goncalves, Pablo Sarabia. Seeing how Benfica and Portorecieved cards felt justifiable giving sporting one too. Both of these cards seem equally likely and especially useful with Pedro Porro storyline being a good link to either
Rb Salzburg - Adeyemi. Seeing how they're top of their group would be wrong to not give them a card. With the niche league had to choose players from good nations which made Adeyemi the stand out choice
Europa league
Lyon - Denayer, Aouar, Dembele. Touted to be in totw but exempted seems logical ea had a plan for him to be special card inclusion for Denayer. Aouar has good potential due to the usability he's had over the past 3 iterations of fifa. Dembele seems to recieve special cards frequently by ea so who's to stop them now.
Rangers - Kent, Tavernier. Players who get cards every Year. EA like doing this. Unlikelly choive but seeing a Kent card this early wouldn't surprise me.
PSV - Gotze, Max. Same sort of reasons as above. Recycled content seems to be EAs way of things.
Napoli - Mertens, Di lorenzo, Zielinski. Kinda on the same ideas as atalanta. Zielinski is there for being a good in game player to sell packs but highly doubt
Frankfurt - Kostic, Kamada, Ndicka, Da Costa. Not expecting any of these but top of their group seems a good way for EA to give cards with almost guaranteed upgrades.
Lazio - Immobile. Serie A strikers once again. Couldn't see another option for them who hasn't had an IF already (know its not a deal breaker seeing how son has both)
Conference League
Feyenoord - Sensi, Malacia, Geertruida. Not too great player options for fifa but with other links to gravenberch and til would be nice having some eriedivisie players especially fullbacks
If I had to narrow down to a 5 I would pick: Denayer, Kent, Rousillon, Pedro Goncalves, and Adeyemi as I feel it appeals to popularity and usability whilst keeping variety to leagues for squad building accessibility
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2021.10.23 08:14 SolveDidentity Which V.R. fits my dream design, or could in the future with gaming technology advancements?

I am dreaming of immersive as real as posaible V.R.; that uses or will be on the market in the future. Specifically one that is used for **gaming, not some military simulation. In our ever evolving world what kind of technology do we currently have or will have in the near future and near decades:**

  1. First, the rig should be utilizing the best graphics so I imagine that it will draw the graphics progressing from a P.C.
  2. Next, these are more optional, the rig should if possible have open source or easily adaptable gaming technology--to have the best possible gaming world. (Using open source is huge in my opinion but not 100% necessary but im really hoping this possible rig is not an exclusively based model).
  3. All the usual goodies: motion, surround sound or headphones available, possible "walking medium" extensions.
  4. Capable of using a mobile device (smartphone) of able specifications, as the display mechanism, (please tell me how stupid I am for wanting this--it hurts so real).
  5. And what else should I be desiring of my dream virtual reality device & machine? : Portability & Independence, (not necessary, as I think this would negate the graphics quality?)? Anything else I missed???
I absolutely very much appreciate all your expert knowledge and time. If there are any professionals here please school me on the availability of open source projects for high-graphics and immersion virtual reality!
I am also interested in this thought experiment further in this think tank we inhabit. Your dreams also matter. What would we all like to see developed into V.R. that would devise our future dream devices?
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2021.10.23 08:14 newsdk 9 uundværlige skønhedsprodukter, du skal have i skabet

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2021.10.23 08:14 Baemsete Irgendwer hat beim OBI die Rechen erschreckt

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